Account Based Sales

Salesmino enables account centric sales teams to share information and better manage account relationships.

Understand the status of your accounts

Automate & Share Account Intel

Team calendar and email integration shares data instantly, if one person has contact details, everyone does. Contact details are collected automatically from email.

Contact & Account History

Graphically see the "real" account history across the entire team with a contact or account. Filter to a specific time range and quickly find all relevant meeting and email data.

Team Member Engagement

Easily see which team members are actively engaged and have had interactions with the contacts on the account.

See Complete Account Overview

See the status of an account, the contacts on the account and team members who have interacted with the account.

Measure health of contacts in an account

View the timeline of interactions for an account

Drill into a time slice to see interactions

Working with Accounts

Sync Accounts From SalesForce

If SalesForce is connected we'll automatically sync accounts into Salesmino.

Coach To Accounts

If an opportunity is supposed to close on an account but there hasn't been any activity in the last six weeks you need to follow up with that account.

Find Interactions By Account

You can use the timeline and interaction history to find those invoices or documents which were sent out a long time ago and see who you sent them to. You can even see if other team members sent out conflicting information.

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