Email & Calendar Data Mining

80+% of customer data isn't entered in a CRM, nearly 100% of it is sitting in your inbox. Unlock customer intelligence trapped at your fingertips

The Email Problem Solved

Salesmino passively collects important customer data from email with no manual data entry. Sign up and all your contacts and customer interactions are extracted and organized automatically

What we Extract

Email Signature Scraping

We identify and parse any email signature you receive (directly to you or in a reply/fwd chain) extracting thins like phone number, title, address, etc.

Indirect Contacts (Forwarded Contacts)

Often you have to look for a contact in an email and either there is an email signature or contact you need hidden deep within a large email string. Salesmino surfaces that data so you don't have to dig. We find any email address or contact buried deep in the email body. No more email dumpster diving for you.

Calendar Mining

Salesmino extracts all contacts associated with a calendar invite. Including any meeting forwarded to someone else. If someone attended one of your meetings directly or indirectly, you'll have their contact data

In Line Contact Details

No email signature but they sent info in the email body! Aka, "my phone number is", Salesmino will look for that data and make sure we assign it to the appropriate contact ensuring no important data slips through your hands.

Related Contacts

Can't remember a contacts name? No problem. Related contacts tracks which contacts have been on emails and meeting invites together. If you can remember one other person on the email or meeting, you can find the person you're looking for.

Contact & Account History

Salesmino automates the process of entering customer engagement by creating a time line of the Contact and Account History. Easily see all meeting and email communication with an individual or account in a easy to read time line. Quickly filter to see specific time ranges or use a zonar to scroll through time.

Contact Home Page

Relationship Statistics | Contact Details Mined From Email | Relationship History & Zonar

Account Details Page

Relationship Statistics | All Contacts From Email & Contact Health | Relationship History & Zonar

Connect all your email accounts

Gmail or Google Based Email

Connect your Google based account and we can capture contacts, emails, calendars and coming soon, Google Docs.

Exchange/Office 365

Connect your Exchange hosted email based account and we can capture contacts, emails, calendars.


When Google or Exchange aren't available, we'll fallback to IMAP. IMAP is an older email protocol but used by many companies still. This only supports emails.

Detail Email, Meeting and Interations History

Using the charts on both the contact and account pages allows zooming to the exact time range and seeing interactions.

Send Emails In Bulk

Bulk Email Sending

Quickly select individual contacts or lists of contacts to create a bulk email list.


Manage email templates for various tasks such as prospecting or a drip marketing campaign

Bulk Sending Individual Modifications

Easily validate and personalize each email using our bulk edit and validation function before sending

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