Single User Benefits

Automated Contact Database | Fast Access To All Your Data| Tools To Automate Daily Tasks

How It Works

  • Connect all your data sources
  • Mine your systems, harvesting email, calendar and contacts, even contacts hidden deep in email chains
  • Extract, organize and search your data


Eliminate Manual Data Entry

No more cutting, pasting or typing to add contacts to your database.

Increase You Contact Database

Thousands of contacts could be stuck in email and various systems. Salesmino harvests all of them.

Automate Daily Tasks

Salesmino automates your daily tasks so you can spend more time selling.

Find Anything

Stop hunting for data in multiple places. Salesmino aggregates data and provides simple, powerful search.

Zero Touch Interaction History

Automated data collection ensures you have the complete interaction history with no effort from you.

Clean & Accurate Data

Real time integration with email and other systems ensures complete and up to date info, no time lag or data inaccuracy due to manual data entry.


Email Mining

Salesmino mines email contacts, email signatures, indirect contacts (aka, contacts in forwarded emails), and calendar data. If a contact ever hit your inbox, Salesmino will find it and enter it automatically.

Bulk Email Function

Send an email to multiple contacts with a few clicks. You can save templates and even personalize each email before you send it.

Related Contacts

Can't remember a contacts name? Related contacts shows anyone on an email or calendar invite with someone else you can remember.


Segment your contacts and create lists for future follow up. Assign multiple tags to a single contact to categorize their interests or role.

Contact & Account History

No more searching in various systems for historical information. Graphically see the engagement across the entire team with a particular contact or account. Filter to a specific time range and quickly find all relevant meeting and email data.

Relationship Health Score

Identify which contacts have not been engaged recently and are going cold. Graphically see the total number of contacts in an account and their health score (active, fading, inactive, or cold).


Filter by time range or interaction type (email or meeting), use a slider to scroll through time and zero in on a specific time range. Integration

Salesmino can connect to Salesforce and import your contacts so that you can aggregate all your data into single searchable database.

Individual Benefits Video

No More Manual Data Entry

Contact details and rich graphical interaction data require no manual data entry.

Historical Account Engagement At A Glance

Aggregated account data and graphical data visualization make for easy to understand account engagement.

Measure health of contacts in an account

Contacts will be automatically placed into accounts. Inside an account you can see the details of all those contacts and their overall health over time.

Search Criteria Helps Find Contacts Fast

Use different criteria like name, account, or tags to filter a list of contacts.

Powerful Integrations with Email, SalesForce and Zapier

Email Integration

Integrate with email providers like Google's Gmail, Exchange, Outlook 365 to pull in contacts, calendars and emails. Learn more about our email integrations.


Salesmino will automatically import contacts from a Salesforce instance you control and generate matching contacts, accounts and opportunities. Learn more about our Salesforce integration.


Zapier is a powerful tool for connecting everything to everything. Zapier has integrations between 750+ applications and Salesmino can be connected to any of them using Zapier.

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