Security Standards

SSL Encryption

We use industry standard 256 bit SSL/TLS 1.2 support to encrypt all data traffic. We also encrypt your email credentials while at rest.

At Rest Encryption

All passwords to external services are stored encrypted and the password to access Salesmino is hashed and salted. Additionally we store much of your data encrypted while at rest.

Remove Data When You Leave

When you leave Salesmino you can have all your data deleted from the servers. This take a few minutes but we'll email you when it completes. It just takes a button click within the application.

Amazon Web Services

We run our servers in Amazon run data centers called Amazon Web Services. These offer secure, reliable servers to host your most sensitive business data.

Server Security

Ensuring the security of servers is important to keeping your information secure and Amazon offers 24 hour monitored physical security for our servers, monitoring and logging, virtual networks and many more security features.

Independent Security Verifications

Amazon hosting has been verified secure by independent organizations and standards such as ISO 27017/27018, SOC 1/2/3 and many more certifications. See the details on Amazon's security standards.

Security considered throughout

During development security is the first thing we think about for any new feature. We know this is important to our customers. Security is designed into the application. We also rely on many security standards.

Automated Testing for Security

Before any deployment goes to production we run a series of automated and manual tests to ensure unauthorized access can't be gained to your data. If any of these tests fail we don't deploy to production.

Contacts Can Be Hidden

Contacts can be hidden from your other team members. When a contact is first discovered, it is only visible to the people who owned or interacted with it for the first 24 hours. During or after it can be made a private contact.

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