Team Collaboration

Email & Calendar Integration | Acurate Historical Customer Data | Team Metrics & Management

How It Works

  • Create a team and invite your team members
  • Connect all your data sources
  • Salesmino mines your systems, harvesting all contacts, email and calendar data
  • We extract and organize the data providing a centralized view of all customer and team interactions


Grow Your Contact Database

80% of contacts are never entered in a CRM even though they're sitting in your inbox.

Team Metrics & Reporting

Automatically collect team member activity metrics, view the team or an individual.

Customer Intel Shared Instantly

Team calendar and email integration shares data instantly, if one person has contact details, everyone does

Forecast Accuracy

Track target account activity in real time to ensure opportunity progression or identify potential issues

Simplify Territory Transition

Filter activity by team member to see all customer interactions, not just what's in the CRM system.

Eliminate Tribal Knowledge

If someone leaves, so does customer intel. Auto collect customer interactions and stop the intel loss

Team Oriented Features

Team Email & Calendar Integration

Automatically harvest email contacts, email signatures, contacts in forwarded emails, and calendar data. No manual data entry ensures you capture every contact you engage and have an accurate contact and account history.

Team Metrics & Reporting

Salesmino captures all team activity data. Easily see internal activity vs. customer activity. See the total number of meeting, emails sent/received and accounts touched for each team member.

Team Member Analytics

Quickly slice and dice team metrics, filter to a specific rep or time frame. See where each team member spends their time (accounts/activity types) to identify best practices.

Account & Contact Activity Analytics

Quickly view all team member activity with any contact or account. Time lines graphically visualize interaction history. Look for specific meetings or documents. Now you can see exactly who did what with who, when. Integration

Salesmino can connect to Salesforce and import your contacts so that you can aggregate all your data into single searchable database.

Target Account Tracking

Track the progress of specific accounts. Seeing when they were last contacted or when the last meeting took place ensures you and your team are making progress on your account objectives.

Other Features


Filter by time range or interaction type, use a slider to scroll through time and zero in on a specific time range.

Bulk Email Function

Send an email to multiple contacts with a few clicks. You can save templates and even personalize each email before you send it. Great for event marketing or distributing new literature.

Related Contacts

Can't remember a contacts name? Related contacts shows anyone on an email or calendar invite with someone else you can remember. See who else your current contacts know and if they can make introductions to other related contacts.

Relationship Health Score

Identify which contacts have not been engaged recently and are going cold. Graphically see the total number of contacts in an account and their health score (active, fading, inactive, or cold).

Primary Relationship Owner

Salesmino team can show you which team members have the most interactions with an account or contact. Quickly see who really has the best relationships and who they really know


Segment your contacts and create lists for future follow up. Assign multiple tags to a single contact to categorize their interests or role.

Powerful Search

Find anything, contacts, meetings, documents sent/received, who knows who or has been active with the customer

Manage Team Activity Metrics

See high level team activity metrics for your region

Team Member Analytics

Automating data entry provides real time visibility of team activity, filter by team memeber, date, activity type.

Account Analytics

Easily see key metrics for an account like the relationship score for all contacts.

Contact Analytics

Contact details automatically extracted from email, complete team interaction history and time line

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